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Welcome to Chapel Group Medical Centre. This website will provide you with lots of information about the practice and services in Salford and the surrounding areas. Please take a look to see what information is available. If you think that we have missed some information that should be on the website then please fill in the suggestion form within the online services section.

If you require a doctor's appointment for a medical/health concern then please telephone the practice on 0161 775 7373 or 0161 776 1000 or book this online via the website or the NHS APP. We have also introduced care navigation in 2021 and one of our trained reception staff will happily direct you to the most appropriate service if a doctor's appointment is not required. 

You can ask the receptionist a question using the online form, but please do not use this form to ask any health questions, you can however ask questions in relation to medication, referral's etc.

Do you want to have a say in how the practice is run and what services are available in the community, then why not join our patient participation group (PPG). Scroll down and fill in the form today or request to join our PPG Facebook page.

Appointment Information


The practice offers a mix of appointments at the practice with the doctors and nurses. These are telephone consultations, video consultations and face to face consultations. Please be aware that our reception staff have been trained to ask you a reason for your appointment, if an alternative service can be offered then the receptionist will advise you of this. Doctors are not always your first port of call and our staff are trained to care navigate you to many different services in the area. By them offering you these services, this often cuts down the wait time for you to be seen by the right person/department. For example, if you are experiencing hearing loss, then you do not need an appointment with a doctor, simply tell the receptionist a little bit about what is going on and they can directly refer you to the local hearing clinic (average wait is 5 days). 

If you are attending the practice, we ask that you do wear a face covering.

If you need an appointment then please call 0161 775 7373 or 0161 776 1000 or alternatively use this website or the NHS app to book your appointment directly. 

Thank you.


Services at the Practice


The practice has an onsite first contact physiotherapist. Nikita has been working at the practice since October 2021, and since this time her services have increased and the demand to see her has also increased. So, what is a first contact physiotherapist? Nikita is a trained physio and she has been trained to see patients will all sorts of musculoskeletal problems, i.e.. back pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, hip pain. The benefit is that you can be directly booked into to speak to or see Nikita with any new musculoskeletal problem without the need of seeing the Doctor first. You will be assessed and give treatment i.e. exercises, medication. But if you need to see a specialist, Nikita can also arrange this. The wait time to get you problem sorted is reduced dramatically, and patients that have used this service have provided us with great feedback. 

So next time you have a musculoskeletal problem, think first contact physio and not GP.



From June 2022, the practice will resume its minor surgery clinic. These clinics will be run by Dr Kapur and Dr Dillon. 



Salford Primary Care Together will continue to deliver the COVID-19 boosters for patients who are registered in Eccles, Irlam and Cadishead, or those who are registered with a Salford GP. Patients will be able to arrange their vaccine via  https://www.nhs.uk/book-a-coronavirus-vaccination/  or by calling 0161 983 0593.

Spring Boosters for the over 75s are in full flow - if you need help with booking your appointment then please contact the practice and one of the reception team will be more than happy to help you.

Child aged 5-11 years are now being called, so please click on the link to book your childs appointment. 

You will be able to attend the local vaccination clinics which will be held at Eccles Gateway or Salford Royal Hospital, but there are many other clinics being held in the surrounding areas. Unfortunately, there are currently no clinics being held in Irlam.

Patients that are housebound will be contacted directly by the practice to arrange their vaccination.

Remember it is never too late to get your 1st Covid vaccine, click on the link above to book an appointment that suits you, or just find your nearest walk-in centre.

For further information please see the https://salford.nhsvaccinations.co.uk/ website or https://www.nhs.uk/book-a-coronavirus-vaccination/ 


NHS GP Choices

If you have been into the practice recently to see one of our doctors or nurses, then please take 2 minutes to fill in the NHS GP Choice survey. This will help other patients in the area who are looking for a new GP Practice make an informed decision:

NHS GP Choices



Pill Checks - changes to annual reviews

If you are currently taking the contraceptive pill, then please note that we are changing out pill check policy.

From September 2021, the practice will no longer be offering routine annual pill check appointments to patients who are established and stable on the oral contraceptive pill. Instead, we will be asking patients to complete the online Pill Check Form with their Blood Pressure, Weight and Smoking Status. We know that many patients struggle to attend the practice for their annual pill check, therefore we have taken the decision to make things easier for you.

If you have a home blood pressure monitor, then please record your blood pressure reading, weight and smoking status and complete the online form. If you do not have a home blood pressure monitor, then please feel free to use our blood pressure machine located in our waiting room and complete either the online form or the paper form at the practice.

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